Postliterary America: From Bagel Shop Jazz to Micropoetries

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Attending to the subcultural textures, the white noise of the ongoing process (processes of both development and devolution of langague and meaning) of a literary locus -- "poetic activity" rather than "poetry" per se -- reveals its values, its sociality, its -- to use a phrase from a bygone poltical and cultural era -- relevance to everyday life. So, in addressing e-poetic culture, I'm decisively not trying to establish an alternative canon but rather attending to writing processes, and to wrting that emobidies a "space-taking" or "world-making" postliterary vision.

Considerations of performativity, diasproa, fragmentation, identity, and access, all issues that preoccupy me, are central to Internet poetics.

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Eric Dean Rasmussen