A New Literary Information System: GPS, The Global Poetic System: Bringing Electronic Literature To The Greater Public

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The Global Poetic System (GPS) is an information system that explores four types of interfaces (mobile phones, PDA, desktop applications, and Web application) and three manners of reading (literary adaptive texts, literary classic texts, texts constructed by community interaction) through an interface that delivers literary content based upon real-time geographic positioning. This project is being executed by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC, Spain) and the Advanced Research Center in Artificial Intelligence (CAVIIAR, USA) thanks to a 200,000€ grant awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry and Technology for one year of execution during 2008. The GPS is an ambitious project that tries to incorporate the literature into the space of digital technologies, bringing the literature over to the greater public. It presents one of the most complex multi-channel, multimodal information systems to date. This talk will offer a preview and a sample of the text.

(Source: ELO 2008 site)

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Hannah Ackermans