Making Meaning: Negotiating Seduction in New Media Works

Critical Writing
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Some of the issues and challenges creatives face when working with computer technologies is that these technologies are developing at an increasingly rapid rate; they are increasingly ubiquitous and malleable in the public eye and hand; and expectations of contemporary western audiences includes exploitation of their own fascination with the new/the edge of technology. It is the new which garners our attention and captivates our historical memory. This is particularly true in the art world. 

How does today's cultural producer reconcile or mediate between the push to exploit the celebrity technology of the moment, and thus gain recognition in some aspect of the broader culture; with the integrity of their practice and the inherent desire (assumed) to be engaged in the communication of meaning, i.e. meaningful practice? 

Wylde discusses her work as a new media artist and considers the phenomena of technological seduction as a force to grapple with (or not).

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Scott Rettberg