The Limits of Computation (Interview with Jim Andrews)

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Jim Andrews is one of the pioneers of digital poetry.

Indefatigable contributor to early list-servs, agile practitioner of algorithmic art, instigator of dialogs and diatribes, provocateur and poet of machinic potentials. His web portal continues to provide a hybrid dose of poetry, visuals and spoken word conjoined by code.

Jim is a poet who studied formal programming for 7 years and continues to call for the necessity of programming at the core of digital poetics.

His work has been exhibited internationally; he currently resides in Vancouver where (among other gambits) he teaches mobile app development, JavaScript, Phonegap, and HTML. He's also the organizer of The Group of X, a Vancouver-based group of artists and scholars involved in computer art.

Interview 2012-07-08 in Vancouver.

(Source: David Jhave Johnston, Vimeo)



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Scott Rettberg