Following Paths of Electronic Literature

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Easy manipulation, playfulness, creative and active participation in the progress of society and culture by the development of various (art) projects are essential for the ideal of contemporary culture and society. The aim of the article is to look at the phenomena that play an important role in the field of electronic literature – interaction, materiality, performativity and the dynamics of hic et nunc, playfulness, ludification and the innovative use of platforms. The article follows contemporary trends in the field of electronic literature and simultaneously tries to outline some possible directions that electronic literature could take in the near future. (Source: author's abstract)

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The tendency of techno-aesthetics towards eventness addresses the experience of the moment. From the point of view of aesthetics, one possible direction for electronic literature might be characterized by attempts at the intensification of the feeling of a moment’s unreproducibility and an attempt to multiply and accelerate the aesthetic experience.

This ‘artiness’ could be described as the perfect cooperation of the significant textual qualities (literariness) and the innovative usage of technological possibilities of medium (such as principles of its ‘launching’, the reader’s interaction with it, its dynamics, multimedial functions and operations, the choice of platforms, presentation space, etc.). In order to fulfil the demand for great cooperation, the technological possibilities of medium need to be chosen to relate specifically to the content, should contribute towards the reader’s aesthetic experience, and should function as the source of meanings and material for the reader’s interpretation.

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