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The blog ELR Electronic Literature Review was created by chance during the work on my master thesis about electronic literature Beyond the Boundaries of the Book. The Italian Literature in the digital age (2012). I had to publish an interview to a group of authors, The Coevas Strumentisti di parole, on the web and therefore decided to create an appropriate blog for it. Within a short space of time I made the editorial rules which also had to be very simple and offer a great creative freedom to the interviewees:

The aim of the blog is the divulgation of the works of electronic literature and of specific theories at the base of some chosen works; the interviewees get thus the opportunity to explain better or reformulate some of the concepts they consider important; the interviews are made of five questions and the interviewees are free to choose the length of their answers and also to take all the time they want to drill down and focus on a topic; topics concern the approach to electronic literature, the basic concepts of some works, the current works or projects and the prospective of the development of specific aspects of electronic literature such as archiving of works of electronic literature, the technology of new media and of e-books or the divulgation and acceptance by a more or less wide audience; all interviews are written in the mother tongue of the interviewee or one of choice which is why I rely on the collaboration of friends and acquaintances for the translation and editing of the texts.

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Daniele Giampà