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The Electronic Literature Directory has served over the years as an ongoing project of the ELO. The recently revamped directory will, by the time of ELO_AI meeting, have been formally launched and will be approximately six months old. The purpose of this proposed panel is to allow sitting editors to provide a face-to-face introduction of the evolving directory to ELO community. Participants will address issues of design, bibliography, editorial process, tagging, and pedagogical relevance of the project. Vincler, a special collections librarian, will address issues of cataloging and archiving. Branda, the site programmer, will address technical aspects of the site's development. Engberg and Heckman will address the potential use of the format in a variety of educational settings. Tabbi will address the general implications of the directory for the future of the field. Special attention will be given to the continued development of the site content, and active discussion will be encouraged.

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Audun Andreassen