Eduardo: a Multimedia Story by a Swiss Army Knife Journalist

Critical Writing
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One thing that cannot be denied is that whereas there have been countless online publications before the world wide web, it has been the late development of the web that transformed communication patterns and, particularly information textuality and the journalistic arena. Among profound and unceasing changes, one can stand out the online versions of traditional media outlets, but obviously the originally online stories, created to be experienced as multimedia journalistic pieces. It is within this field that Eduardo’s story belongs, in the piece “O que é isso de vida independente” [What is that of an independent life?] by the Portuguese multimedia journalist Vera Moutinho. In this paper, I will explore Eduardo’s story, which elects the visual and sound plasticity as drivers of the reading experience, to examine how significance is built across multiple media and unfolds undertones throughout each moment.

(source: Author's Abstract at ICDMT 2016)

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Hannah Ackermans