E-Pressing e-Literature Into The Future: The New Modalities of Publishing, 1914-2014

Critical Writing
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The Electronic University Press (EUP) uses digital media forums, tracking systems and databases through the submission, peer-review, editorial, and distribution/promotion phases of a work. Both its catalog and the portal itself serve as a hub for e-literature, en-visioning how multimodal works may be most effectively reviewed and promoted. The goal is to realize new possibilities for literature and scholarship beyond the traditional monograph by offering more active participation from users and more flexibility and inclusiveness for scholars and reviewers. It also offers a, much needed, legitimacy to new forms of scholarship that use electronic visual and sonic media as the literary meaning, or databases, digital interfaces, and multimedia design as crucial elements of the literary or scholarly content. The rise of electronic publishing options are changing the constraints on writing with digital media. The EUP serves as a response to these difficulties by fostering monograph-equivalent digital works that use new digital formats and by building an infrastructure that aids in the evaluation of such works. EUP: Committed to E-Literature. (Source Author Abstract)

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Sumeya Hassan