CELL Roundtable on Naming Authority and Interoperability

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At meetings in Siegen (2009), Sydney (2010), Provincetown ( 2010), Bleckinge (2010), Bergen (2011), and Morgantown (2011), the editors of the Electronic Literature Directory have established and developed a Consortium on Electronic Literature (CELL). The related database projects originating in each of these locations, is committed to the development of bibliographic standards, interoperability, and data-sharing to ensure the broad reach and wide range of literature and criticism that new media literary scholars are obligated to document and cultivate. In Paris this year, present members will meet to discuss the achievement of interoperability across our various platforms. First on our agenda, will be a report on progress toward the establishment of a "naming authority" for authors and works in the field of electronic literature, and we will continue towards our goal of institutionalizing basic bibliographic practices consistent with the emerging norms of the field.

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Ole Samdal