Adapting Children’s Literature into Hypermedia Apps: a Constant Dialogue between Digital Media and Print Tradition

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The market for children apps is growing at a fast pace and already represents a considerable share of the global supply, both in term of downloads and distribution (See figures and reports on Despite the relative paucity of literature on games and edutainment, the variety of contents available is wide and includes adaptations of classic and contemporary texts, as well as original contents specifically conceived for digital environments. Our contribution aims to consider a sample of this rich production, especially focusing on a corpus of adaptations of classic and contemporary children picturebooks, selected for their large panel of literary-significant multimodal [KRESS 2010 ; LEBRUN – LACELLE – BOUTIN 2012] and hypermedia elements [BOLTER – GRUSIN 2000]. “

(Source: Abstract ICDMT 2016)

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Hannah Ackermans