V: Vniverse

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V: Vniverse is a textual instrument for exploring a sequence of poems that also appear in a double invertible book. Navigation/performance possibilities provide a micro-texture of interplay between patterns and their activation, both within the alphabetic forms and in relation to the diagrammed constellations. Programmed all in its original frame, the piece gives the illusion of words moving directly in and out of the sky. Thus all the time resources of the piece go toward responsiveness and production of language, rather than visual display. Here space is fashioned to amplify the sense of resonance that internal timings create.

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Concept: Stephanie Strickland. Concept development and Design: Stephanie Strickland and Cynthia Lawson. Programming and implementation: Cynthia Lawson. Splash page design: Talan Memmott.

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Eric Dean Rasmussen