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Twister is a "short story" which where written on the social media platform Twitter. The author and creator Arjun Basu describes Twister on his website like this:

In October of 2009, I heard about Twitter and being the curious sort, checked it out. And then for whatever reason, I wrote a “short story” – and that story came in at over 140 characters. And while editing it down, I realized something about the possibilities inherent in the limitations Twitter imposes on all of us. That first story came in at exactly 140 characters. I thought perhaps this was a new form and so I gave it a name: Twisters. And all of my stories since then, now numbering in the thousands, are 140 characters.

Unfortenatly, you can`t find the story on twitter anymore, but you can read most of the tweets on Arjun Basu`s website.



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"It was when their love felt institutional that he interrupted dinner and announced his intentions, and she said, Because I served leftovers?"

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