Tiny Star Fields

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Every three hours, this bot tweets a generated text field composed of blank spaces and unicode characters that can be interpreted as stars or other celestial bodies, particularly when conceptually framed by the account’s title. Its artistic output has become very popular, rapidly attracting over 70,000 followers and with each tweet being favorited and shared over 300 times. While this project would seem to be more of a visual art than literary bot, consider that it is not generating images, but sequences of characters, spaces, and carriage returns. It is using the materials of writing in the tradition of ascii art and its results are so evocative that it has even inspired a spinoff bot @tiny_astro_naut. Follow this bot to become to explore its tiny endless expanses. (Source: Editorial Statement from the works collection site)

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witter bot, sample output available

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Screenshot of the twitter feed of @Tiny_Star_Fields
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Sebastian Cortes