Tale of a Great Sham(e Text)

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The date is 1881.

There are high rents and evictions, there is homelessness. In answer to the extra-ordinary times the Ladies’ Land League is directed by Anna Parnell to organize public meetings and protests. Thirteen women, speak, rally, and inspire female agency. Irish Women realizing their own political potential, moving the struggle away from government to the personal.

This is an electronic text, which will be using 13 female voices and a computer. The visuals/text of the electronic text will be created using game development software and electroacoustic compositional techniques, presented as an interactive work within a web browser. The 13 female voices will sound original text created using works by Anna Parnell, processed using electroacoustic compositional techniques. Passive resistance is be combined with a constructive creative programme, developing the self-confidence of the audience and encouraging them to participate.

“The best part of Independence is the independence of the mind.” (Anna Parnell)

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Vian Rasheed