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Prosthesis is a set of live vocal performances addressing complicities inherent in the use of digital technology and emergent artificialities in cognition, language, and the physical body. It consists of nine main sections, including readings augmented by projections and recorded voice, and concludes with a song.

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Technical notes: 

I did use code to write and shape parts of the Prosthesis text, but none of those programs were made publicly available at any point, or even named. They were more one-off algorithms I wrote to get particular compositional effects, rather than a platform I built out in a sustained way. They were mostly written in javascript, but could just as easily have been php or python or c. The animated texts that accompanied live performances (and that appear in some of the published digital versions of sections online) were all made with html / css / javascript.

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Prosthesis (The Kitchen NYC)

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Scott Rettberg