Post Modern Object

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Post Modern Object attempts to explore the idea of the post modern utilizing technology which has been built and modeled in the wake of post modernity. Due the form in which it was conceived, the web has capabilities uniquely suited to presenting material on the subject. "Objective: Towards a new experience: Not a critical work, not a music video, not a novel, not a video game, but something from all. Utilizing multiple and ever more complex interfaces (ways of accessing the information), the user is invited to experience the chosen selections. Not only has the author died, but so has the author's pattern: What remains? A collection of narrative morphemes, quotations, images (textual and visual, titles, themes, character descriptions/identities, and critical analyses).

"This work attempts to engage with the process of structure: In this case, the structure of an academic text."

(Source: 2002 ELO State of the Arts gallery)

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