Planting Trees Out of the Grief: In Memoriam Robert Creeley

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"Planting Trees out of the Grief" is a lyrical essay, or work of creative non-fiction about mourning. "Planting Trees out of the Grief. In Memoriam Robert Creeley" is a ficticious story that mirrors the psychological processes of coping with mourning described in the essay.

The hypertext will lead you through both texts as same as one goes through the process of mourning. You will go further and sometimes you realize you just stepped backwards finding yourself at the same point you were once before.

Being at the same point (textpassage) you were once before you'll have the choice to follow new paths - or you have to go through the same until a new path (link) reveals. Sometimes people forget they were in grief and then, suddenly, they face their loss again. Therefore, I am dealing with intendend moments of recurrence. By this, you are forced to find new paths and follow other links.

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