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Hypertext is text displayed on a computer display or other electronic devices with references (hyperlinks) to other text which the reader can immediately access, or where text can be revealed progressively at multiple levels of detail. 

Works Developed in this Platform:

Work titlesort descending Author Language Year
El primer vuelo de los hermanos Wright Juan B. Gutiérrez Spanish (Castilian) 1995
20% d’amour en plus François Coulon French 1996
Algoritmo, (Algorithm) Pablo Brito Altamira Spanish (Castilian) 2005
Apparitions inquiétantes Anne-Cécile Brandenbourger French 1998
Bajke Ziga Turk, Barbara Zeleznik, Igor Bizjak Slovene 1986
Breathing at the Galaxy’s Edges Deena Larsen English 1999
Brown House Kitchen Judy Malloy 1993
Charmin' Cleary Edward Falco English 1999
Chasing Pandora Allyson Cikor, Emily Devereux, Greg Turnbull, Mathew Vickery, Trent Redmond English 2011
Chi ha ucciso David Crane? Fabrizio Venerandi Italian 2010
Chi ha ucciso David Crane? (Who killed David Crane?) Fabrizio Verrandi 2010
Chyphertext Performance Bjørn Magnhildøen 2007
City of Angles and Anguish David Herrstrom English 1999
Como el cielo los ojos (Like the sky the eyes) Edith Checa Spanish (Castilian) 1998
Damascene Milorad Pavić English 1998
De l'amour Xavier Malbreil French 2007
Desde Aquí (From here) Mónica Montes Spanish (Castilian)
det sublime Frank Altschul Jensen Danish 2007
Diagrams Series 3 Jim Rosenberg English 1979
Diari d'una absència Laura Borràs Castanyer Catalan (Valencian), English 2006
Down Time Rob Swigart English 2000
Eurorun Ziga Turk, Matevž Kmet, Barbara Zeleznik, Igor Bizjak, Samo Fosnaric Slovene 1985
Ferris Wheels Deena Larsen English 1999
Fishes and Flying Things J. R. Carpenter English 1995
fleshtresholdnarrative Eugene Thacker English 1996
Forward Anywhere Judy Malloy, Cathy Marshall English 1995
Frame Work: A Hypertext Poem Robert Kendall English 1999
Frontières Vomies (Borders vometing) Jean-Marie Pelloquin French 1995
Grafoman 1997
Hypertexte Gerald Berche-Ngô French 2010
ii — in the white darkness: about [the fragility of] memory Reiner Strasser, M. D. Coverley English 2004
Internal Damage Data Mez Breeze English 2000
Ipertesto Poetico Quadridimensionale Machina Amniotica 1995
Joyride Andy Campbell, Judi Alston English 2002
Kontrabant (Smuggler) Ziga Turk, Matevž Kmet Slovene 1984
Kontrabant 2 (Smuggler 2) Ziga Turk, Matevž Kmet, Saso Jankovic, Jani Kovacic Serbian 1984
La Huella de Cosmos Domenico Chiappe Spanish (Castilian) 2005
Lasting Image Michael Joyce, Carolyn Guyer English 2000
Light-Water: a Mosaic of Meditations Christy Sheffield Stanford English 1999
Locusta Temporis (The Age of Locust) Enrico Colombini 2010
Luminous Airplanes: A Hyperromance Paul La Farge English 2011
ME Jim Rosenberg English 2007
Moods & Conjunctions John Cayley English 1993
Mreža snova (The Dream Net) Kata Mijatovic English 2001
Ne me touchez pas / Don't touch me Annie Abrahams French 2003
Nightmare Wanders Father's Song Curtis Harrell English 1998
On the Birthday of a Stranger Michael Joyce English 1999
Pale Fire Vladimir Nabokov English 1962
Pale Fire A Poem in four Cantos by John Shade Vladimir Nabokov English 2011
Paths of Memory and Painting Judy Malloy English 2010


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