Our Cupidity Coda

Description (in English): 

This VR Literature work is an allegorical poem deliberately designed to emulate conventions established in early cinematographic days (the silent soundtrack, white on black intertitle-like text, parallels to Kinetoscope viewing) so as to echo a similar sense of creative pioneering/exploration. Our Cupidity Coda is designed for read through multiple times in order to unstitch its poetic denseness. It’s a slow burn work for those that click with it.

Instructions and Navigation: Our Cupidity Coda is designed for viewing via an internet browser using a VR headset – no hand controllers are necessary. The work is designed for (initial) quick sharp consumption, then repeat plays for those with which it resonates. It is also viewable using only a desktop browser/monitor, but the recommended setup is a HTC Vive using the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

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"Our Cupidity Coda" 3 Minute Headset Walkthrough (Non-360 Version)

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