Morpheus: Biblionaut

Description (in English): 

The story of a poet sent to Alpha Centauri to test a nuclear bomb that can destroy a planet, who returns to Earth to discover that Earth has a ring instead of a moon and that there is - perhaps - no longer life there. The narrative is told linearly and lasts for about 20 minutes, with no opportunity to rewind  - it’s worth watching in a single setting though, both for the story itself and for the grungy space visuals created by Travis Alber: a scratched metal background with a window through which to watch the stars passing by, and dream images superimposed on or maybe reflected in the dull, stained metal.

Contributors note: 

Travis Alber, visuals. William Gillespie, text. David Schmudde, audio. Aaron Miller, programming.

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Jill Walker Rettberg