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The Mandel.brot Project (, in French) has existed online since 1999. From the beginning, we dedicated our project to an experimentation with the aesthetics of the ephemeral and the flow; we thus refuse any archiving of the source files of our creations. The creations remain on the web for a few months. Then they are removed forever. And even when they are online, they permanently face extinction: the instability of the digital device is integrated as a fundamental aesthetic principle in all our works (see « Flux »: the movement of the words was supposed to be calm and relaxing; but on powerful computers, the flow is transformed into a wild torrent). Each creation on Mandel.brot thematizes this instability in a specific way.The Mandel.brot Project is a dialogue (we invite you to compare for example « Soleil Amer » and « Inexorable »), which sometimes becomes animated, and sometimes stops for a long time. None of the creations on Mandel.brot can be separated from their context: the website and the device, which remains deliberately unstable.

(Source: Authors' description for ELO_AI)

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