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make-shift is a house party, performance, and networked salon. Each live event telematically connects participants in two ordinary houses and an online performance space, using the cyberformance platform UpStage ( in conjunction with audio-visual streams from the two houses. The theme of the work centers around consumption and disposal in late capitalism. Crutchlow and Jamieson describe themselves as "brokers" of the event, combining scripted performance with improvisation and activities in which everyone participates in various ways, becoming co-authors in a collaborative process. 

Technical notes: 

make-shift uses UpStage (, an open source venue for cyberformance which allows logged-in players to manipulate digital media in remote collaboration, in conjunction with two audio-visual streams. Online audiences access the platform via a standard domestic internet connection and web browser with the Flash player plug-in, and do not need to log in.

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make-shift screenshot
make-shift screenshot
make-shift screenshot
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Eric Dean Rasmussen