A Life Set for Two

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A Life Set for Two is an animated hypertext poem programmed in Visual Basic that explores the "dynamic processes of thought and memory." The story unfolds through the metaphor of two different menus––one belonging to the male narrator recounting a failed affair and other belonging to his lover, whom readers come to know only through the eyes of the narrator.

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In A Life Set for Two the reader can interact with the work. They can interact by selecting different categories within the work which is simply done by clicking the different options they get. Text can also be edited and configured according to various visual and emotional settings, the speed can be adjusted which opens up for many different reading experiences. Because of this the reader plays a key role in terms of the authorship. If settings allow it, text can also slowly unfold, displaying text that is mostly static where some words may change between different wordings or languages. The combination of these parts hint at the overall dynamism of the poem, as text on the page that moves, and asks the reader to help shape nonlinear the narrative, forming a kind of temporary partnership.

This work was published in Vol 2, No 4 of The Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext.


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the movement of the text...the passionate sadness and the playfulness combine to create this effective and moving word collage. - Maria Mazziotti Gillan

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