Influencing Machine of Miss Natalija A.

Description (in English): 

A video installation.

Zoe Beloff’s "Influencing Machine of Miss Natalija A." is a Flash adaptation of a multimedia installation of the same name created by Beloff in 2001. This web-enabled version combines video, text, audio, and animation to tell the story of Natalija A., a psychiatric patient who was unable to communicate except through writing. Natalija believed that she was being controlled remotely by an “influencing machine,” a mechanical model of her body created by a doctor in Berlin which could be manipulated to control her telepathically. Based on an actual 1919 account of Viennese psychoanalyst Victor Trausk, Beloff’s work contains passages from Trausk’s notebooks, simulated effects of the “diabolical machine,” surrealist footage of medical procedures, and video clips of the actual broadcast technologies that emerged during the early twentieth century to influence populations worldwide.

(Source: Davin Heckman's description in the Electronic Literature Directory)

Technical notes: 

This project was created in Flash MX. It is 3MB. Playing it requires the Flash 6 plug-in and the QuickTime plug-in.

View in Internet Explorer 5.1 or greater. Netscape Navigator 6. 2 or greater.

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