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Czech Republic
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LOUIS ARMAND is a visual artist and writer who has lived in Prague since 1994 and directs the Centre for Critical & Cultural Theory in the Philosophy Faculty at Charles University. He has had three solo exhibitions and in 2006 was a featured artist at the Prague Art Fair. He is the author of two volumes of prose fiction and has authored and edited a dozen volumes of non-fiction, including Contemporary Poetics (Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 2007). 

His poetry has appeared in The Age, New York Quarterly, Agenda, Poetry Review, Sulfur and Stand, as well as The Penguin Anthology of Australian Poetry (ed. John Kinsella), Calyx: 30 Contemporary Australian Poets (eds. Michael Brennan and Peter Minter, Sydney: Paper Bark Press, 2000), and The Best Australian Poems (ed. Peter Rose, 2008). 

In 1997 he received the Max Harris prize for poetry at the Penola Festival (Adelaide) and in 2000 he was awarded the Nassau Review prize (New York). His screenplay Clair Obscur won honourable mention at the 2009 Trieste Film Festival. 

He is a member of the editorial board of Rhizomes: Studies in Cultural Knowledge, an editor of the comparative studies journal Litteraria Pragensiaand founding editor (1994) of the online journal HJS (Hypermedia Joyce Studies). He is also an editor at the prague-based publishing house Litteraria Pragensia and founder of the Prague International Poetry Festival.

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