Golpe de Gracia

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Golpe de gracia is an interactive multimedia piece that combines text, illustration, audio, modeling, and animation and tells the story of a character who undergoes a "near death" experience; this particular situation also functions as a metaphor for the cultural transitions of the present moment. The text is comprised of three "narrative worlds": Cadáver exquisito, L'nea mortal and Muerte digital (Exquisite Corpse, Mortal Line, and Digital Death, respectively) and four "deepening rooms" (games, reading texts, study, and construction). The work offers several different degrees of interaction that range from taking decisions in order to follow the routes, all the way up to the collective construction of the text, along the way participating in several interactive games. Golpe de gracia also has an educative and communicative purpose, which is to make us aware of, and to contribute to, the development of collective knowledge. In this respect, each of the narrative worlds offers the development of one or several possible actions, different strategies to facilitate interaction, as well as offering a sort of "encyclopedic" environment that eases the process of contextualizing and in-depth search among the several topics particular to the actual narrative.

(Source: Author's description from Electronic Literature Collection, Volume Two)

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