C()n Du It

Description (in English): 

C()n Du It is a volume of poetic audio-videoclips, presenting the most important phenomena of visual culture and asking questions about a man’s place in the online sphere and about identity in the era of avatars. Intense, expressive and ironic pictures, show in an epigrammatic form our daily internet ‘rituals’, like clicking, posting, chatting. References to animation, film, advertisement or video games create dynamic, expansive clips. No ‘dry bones’, using a metaphor from ‘logical poem’, but a truly ‘fleshy’ poetry, precise and firm. The style of the whole volume may be described as a ‘post-Atari’, with green color reminding of system commands and simple font expressing nostalgia for the uncomplicated, 8-bit world. The spectator is forced to simultaneously cope with the picture and sound and experiences a true stereophonic reality. In so uncertain 20th century a man is a constantly reborn avatar, a pixel or just a printed circuit on the motherboard of society.

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Aleksandra Małecka - Translator

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C()n Du It: Katarzyna Giełżyńska - Klikam

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Patricia Tomaszek