Ceci n'est pas un Nike

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Ceci n'est pas un nike talks about on line creation and its conditions. Its point of departure is the conceptual confusion between interface and surface.

Magritte's pipes are its strongest referencs and it updates the discussion about the differences between image and representation, denying the Web as an adendum of the screen or an epiphenomena of the computer.

The discussion takes place in an image warping program_ the e-nike generator. It stresses the conflict between code and representations allowing transformations in this site icon. You are invited to create and send your own nike to our "no-nike_center" and to destroy some nikes too.

Moreover, I would like to have you adding your layer to the e-palimpsest, intereacting, in real time, with the critical text, using only your browser.

BTW, this is not a nike, but a web site.
So create, destroy and rebuild.
Just do it!

(Source: Author's description from the project site)

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Ceci n'est pas un Nike by Giselle Beiguelman (screen shot)
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