brin cadeiras

Description (in English): 

Textual engine, animation, based on texts by Salette Tavares and lexicon by Salette Tavares and Fernando Pessoa. Retextualization to HTML + CSS + XML + JS of poems originally created in Flash / ActionScript (2010)

Description (in Portuguese): 

Motor textual, animação, a partir de textos de Salette Tavares e léxico de Salette Tavares e Fernando Pessoa. Retextualização para HTML+CSS+XML+JS de poemas originalmente criados em Flash/ActionScript (2010)

Contributors note: 

Rui Torres: txt, html, css, xml; Nuno Ferreira: js, html; Américo Rodrigues: vox

Screen shots: 
Poem in centred black text on white background, with authors and options for generation above.
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Rui Torres