8 Brincadeiras para Salette Tavares

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8 brincadeiras para Salette Tavares [8 games for Salette Tavares] is a set of eight texts which constitute a creative research in the area of cyberliterature. A polyphony of varied elements and variables, subject to a non-linear staging, in the center of these texts there are combinatorial and generative procedures in dialogue with the poetry and textual innovation of Portuguese author Salette Tavares. The average duration for reading this collection of eight texts is about eight minutes. Every 55 seconds, the page with the combinatorial or animated texts automatically redirects to a new work. Included in this work there are 6 combinatorial texts programmed by Rui Torres using the software for literary creation Poemario (Torres and Ferreira). The texts include: Text 1: Dentro da casa está o dentro - A porta I; Text 2: Dentro da casa está o dentro - A porta II; Text 4: Como a palavra o diz, o copo; Text 5: A boca e o copo entendem-se através da mão; Text 7: Os talheres são ferramentas delicadas; Text 8: Espelho mudo. This work also includes animated text inspired by Salette Tavares' visual poetry, programmed in the context of the project "PO.EX CD-ROM": Text 3: Os efes, by Rodrigo Melo and Pedro Reis; Text 6: Alfinetes, by Rui Torres, based on code by Jared Tarbel. The multiple versions virtually available in these texts gives origin to a simulated and navigable program in which reading is intended to be immersive, and therefore the texts are programmed in automatic Animation: the poem animates the words in an automatic and random mode, that is, without reader interaction. The lexicon that animates these categories was selected from the work Lex Icon by Salette Tavares. The huge number of possible texts originated can be contained and preserved: there is the possibility of recording the reader's versions of the poems, as s/he can save her/his versions in a weblog available on the Internet. This work was created for Centro Cultural de Belem, Lisbon, March 21, 2010.

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Rodrigo Melo: animated versions of visual poems

Nuno F. Ferreira: programming

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8 Brincadeiras para Salette Tavares

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Rui Torres