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Subject-making and aesthetics of data practices Olga Goriunova
Appropriationist practices and subjectivation / desubjectivation processes: some productions of Argentine digital literature in times of algorithmic governance Fernanda Mugica
We Are Fragmented Amira Hanafi
To the Lighthouse Virginia Woolf
Poetracking Baptiste Ingrand, Florine Morestin, Jorge Andrés Gómez
Un Cuarto propio conectado : (ciber)espacio y (auto)gestión del yo Remedios Zafra
The Broken Mirror: Paradigms of Subjectivity in Digital Writing and Informatic Culture Andrew Klobucar
Writing Organism: CAPTCHA as a paradigm of *literary* digital textuality Sandy Baldwin
The Gothic in Contemporary Interactive Fictions Van Leavenworth
Beautopia Laura Sullivan
New Forms of Subjectivity? Writing and Corporeality in Australian New Media Art Anna Gibbs, Maria Angel
Logging In Sandy Baldwin
Re-reading the Digital: An Inquiry Through Practice Penny Florence
My Nervous Breakdown Alan Bigelow
The Digital Subject: Questioning Hypermnesia
(Techno)dispositifs in Contemporary Art Practice: Fifty-year Theater Performance Noordung 1995-2045 by Dragan Živadinov Bojan Anđelković
Between Page and Screen: Remaking Literature Through Cinema and Cyberspace
Narrative Subjects Meet Their Limits: John Barth's "Click" and the Remediation of Hypertext Laura Shackelford
Flickering Connectivities in Shelley Jackson's Patchwork Girl: The Importance of Media-Specific Analysis N. Katherine Hayles
What's on your mind? Status Updates, Friend Suggestions And Data Mining Renée Turner
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