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No World 4 Tomorrow Lyle Skains
Hybrid Praxis and Collaborative Culture in an E-Lit Classroom Rebekah Edwards
Platform Studies: Frequently Questioned Answers Ian Bogost, Nick Montfort
Introduction to Electronic Literature in DH: Research and Practice (DHSI Course 15, 2018) Dene Grigar, Davin Heckman
Literatura electrónica en español / Electronic Literature in Spanish Alex Saum-Pascual
What's Mine is Mine, and What's Yours Is Mine: Ownership in Online Universities Paul Collins
How to Avoid Being Paranoid Melissa Gregg
IVANHOE Jerome McGann
Learning Through Making: Notes on Teaching Interactive Narrative Anastasia Salter
The Generative Literature Project & 21st Century Literacies Mia Zamora
Collaborative Creativity in New Media (roundtable) Joellyn Rock, Scott Rettberg, Jill Walker Rettberg, Sandy Baldwin, Roderick Coover, Rob Wittig
Teaching Digital Literature within a “Research and Teaching Partnership” in a Transatlantic Blended Learning Environment (ELMCIP Anthology) Patricia Tomaszek
HyperRhetoriods: An Undergraduate Course in Hyperfiction jj runnion
A New Media Reading Strategy Cheryl E. Ball
Games/gaming/simulation in a new media (literature) classroom Scott Rettberg
Digital Literary Arts, Pedagogy and the Issue of Disciplinarity Maria Engberg
The Heuristic Value of Electronic Literature Serge Bouchardon
From Literary Digital Creative Writing to Digital Literature Teaching in France: A Preliminary Survey Philippe Bootz
(R)Evolutionary Communication: Defining and Refining Digital Literature, Art and Storytelling Allegra Pietera
Fugues: An Associative Project on Reading Poetry through the Use of Hypermedia Alice Van der Klei
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