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A New Companion to Digital Humanities
Trends in Literary Studies: Narrative, Cognitive and Historical Perspectives
Exopoiesis and literariness in the works of William Gibson, Mark Z. Danielewski, Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph Ugo Panzani
A New Computer-assisted Literary Criticism? Ray Siemens
The Rationale of Hypertext Jerome McGann
Písanie v interaktívnych médiách. Digitálna fikcia /Writing in the Interactive Media. Digital Fiction Zuzana Husárová
The Heuristic Value of Electronic Literature Serge Bouchardon
Literature: Lift this End Stuart Moulthrop
Beyond Literary? N. Katherine Hayles, Nick Montfort, Jerome McGann, Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, Michael Joyce
Frontiers of Electronic Literature Rita Raley, N. Katherine Hayles
Graphs, Maps, Trees: Abstract Models for Literary History Franco Moretti
Modernisms: A Literary Guide Peter Nicholls
Literal Art John Cayley
Technologies That Describe: Data Visualization and Contemporary Fiction Heather Houser
Reading Digital Literature: A Subject Between Media and Methods Roberto Simanowski
Understanding Knowledge Work Alan Liu
Literature and Culture of Information (LCI) Specialization Alan Liu, Rita Raley
New Media in the Academy: Labor and the Production of Knowledge in Scholarly Multimedia Helen J Burgess, Jeanne M. Hamming
Voice of the Shuttle (Vos)
Responses to "On Reading 300 Works of Electronic Literature: Preliminary Reflections" Davin Heckman, Rita Raley, Dene Grigar, Alan Liu, Bill Benzon, Gary Comstock, Mark C. Marino, Jan Baetens, Maria Angel, Jason Nelson, Joseph Tabbi
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