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Invisible Rendezvous: Connection and Collaboration in the New Landscape of Electronic Writing Rob Wittig
Electronic Literature Exhibit at the 2012 MLA Convention
Technologies of Text (GENS 410, Spring 2012) Ryan Cordell
Hypertextual Rhythms (The Momentary Advantage of Our Awkwardness) Michael Joyce
Friending the Past: The Sense of History and Social Computing Alan Liu
Early Authors of E-Literature, Platforms of the Past Dene Grigar
Uncreative Writing Kenneth Goldsmith
Anthological and Archaeological Approaches to Digital Media: A Review of Electronic Literature and Prehistoric Digital Poetry Stephanie Boluk
The Genealogy of a Creative Community: Why is Afternoon the "Grandaddy" of Hypertext Fiction? Jill Walker Rettberg
Acoustic and Visual Imagination in Poetry from the Neo_Avantgarde to New Media Poetry in Yugoslav and Post-Yugoslav Poetry Dubravka Djurić
Gutenberg Galaxy Revis(it)ed: A Brief History of Combinatory, Hypertextual and Collaborative Literature from the Baroque Period to the Present Jörgen Schäfer
Adventures in Mot-Town Robert Coover
Cybertext Yearbook 2010
Cybertext Yearbook 2006: Ergodic Histories and Edition Cyberfiction Beat Suter
Editing the Electronic Literature Collection, Volume Two Laura Borràs Castanyer
The Vinaròs Prize for Electronic Literature Laura Borràs Castanyer
Electronic Literature Publishing and Distribution in Europe Markku Eskelinen, Giovanna Di Rosario
A Subjective Chronology of Cybertext, Hypertext, and Electronic Writing Stuart Moulthrop
The Tradition of E-Lit Publishing in France Philippe Bootz
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