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Digital Narrative and Temporality Serge Bouchardon, Erika Fülöp
Salon 5: June 12, 2020: E-Lit In the Wild Lyle Skains
Getting Lost in Narrative Virtuality Will Luers
Space and Landscape in Hearts and Minds: The Interrogation Project – Uncomfortable Proximities Anne Karhio
Two Dimensions for classifying interactive digital narratives Hartmut Koenitz
Dwarf Fortress Zach Adams, Tarn Adams
Beyond Original E-Lit: Deconstructing Austen Cybertexts Meredith Dabek
Archiving Roundtable Leonardo L. Flores, Marjorie C. Luesebrink, Stephanie Strickland, Rui Torres
Ice-bound Jacob Garbe, Aaron A. Reed
Condiciones extremas Juan B. Gutiérrez
Notes on the Voyage of Owl and Girl J. R. Carpenter
Quantum Feminist Mnemotechnics: The Archival Text, Digital Narrative and The Limits of Memory Carolyn Guertin
Beyond Myth and Metaphor: Narrative in Digital Media Marie-Laure Ryan
Introduction [to New Narratives: Stories and Storytelling in the Digital Age] Ruth Page, Bronwen Thomas
Three Rails Live Roderick Coover, Scott Rettberg, Nick Montfort
From (W)reader to Breather: Cybertextual De-intentionalization and Kate Pullinger's Breathing Wall Astrid Ensslin
The Interactive Onion: Layers of User Participation in Digital Narrative Texts Marie-Laure Ryan
Expanding the Concept of Writing: Notes on Net Art, Digital Narrative and Viral Ethics Mark Amerika
Creating Screen-Based Multiple State Environments: Investigating Systems of Confutation Donna Leishman
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