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AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS is a web audio adventure about the meaning of death. It draws audio drama, audio tours and alternate reality gaming. The use of audio is an attempt to create a sense of unity in a highly fragmented experience. I see the techniques and experience of audio tours as a way to bring disparate elements together. Just as an audio tour involves guiding a listener to different places, this audio experience guides players to different websites. I include both custom and existing sites, and so this project continues my interest in pervasive design: where the players’ world is part of the fictional world. The story is born out of the pain of suddenly losing my mother, and facing the meaninglessness of my life. I got past heaviness of the subject matter by drawing on my early days in sketch comedy theatre, unifying the disparate times of my life.

(Source: ELO 2014 Conference)

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Team: Christy Dena – writer, designer, producer, director Trevor Dikes – sound designer, composer Yangtian Li – illustrator Craig Peebles – app programmer (iPad) Andrey Ivanov – app programmer (Chrome browser plug-in) Elroy – app interface & logo Cast: Jimmy James Eaton – Narrator + Underworld Goon Alison Richards – Pathologist Nadia Collins – Assistant: Adam McKenzie – New Client Ben McKenzie – Ticket Officer + Philosopher Gambler Stefan Taylor – Philosopher Ex Richard McKenzie – Artist Assassin Tegan Higginbotham – Quantum Pizzeria Waitress Kevin J Powe – Quantum Boss + Philosopher Gambler (Source: )

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Marius Ulvund