Artist-Screencast with Stephanie Strickland on "Errand Upon Which We Came"

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Captured as a screencast, this video is a reading-screening and browse-walk-through "Errand Upon Which We Came", a hypermedia poem created by Stephanie Strickland with M. D. Coverley (2002).

The idea to create artist-screencasts of this kind emerged within the project "Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice" (ELMCIP) based at the University of Bergen: Authors would talk with an ELMCIP-partner and navigate through a selected work while sound and the cursor-movements on the screen would be recorded.

Aiming at preserving instructive author-readings in dialogue between author and an ELMCIP-partner, the project's aim was to provide both an orally annotated archival artifact, as well as a teaching resource for cross-referencing a respective work in the Knowledge Base.

On occasion of Stephanie Strickland's participation at an UiB-based ELMCIP-arrangement in 2011, Stephanie was invited to perform the first artist-screencast of this kind with UiB's PhD-candidate Patricia Tomaszek.
The exploration of the work's interface and navigational apparatus, the presentation, formal description, and reading of the work evolves from an ad-hoc conversation that advances in correspondence with the work's reading-progress.

Please note that the video (14:13mins) is unedited and presented as raw-material: while screen-casting software allowed for capturing the work's reading with the author's cursor movements processed on the work, audio from within the work at times supersedes and "over-writes" the author's voice.

Produced by Patricia Tomaszek in conversation with Stephanie Strickland, this screencast is available as part of a teaching resource created for the ELMCIP-Knowledge Base.

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Artist-Screencast with Stephanie Strickland on "Errand Upon Which We Came"

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