ELMCIP v1.25 released

ELMCIP 1.25 was released from Reykjavik, Iceland, on Wednesday, June 21 2017. It contains a few changes to end users. Here is a few worth noticing:

  • Started improving submission forms. Improved all submission buttons. Visually clearer if it is a delete or submitt button.
  • Standardised how media is added to site. Image, files, and video etc. are all handled identical.
  • Original descriptions or abstracts now are hidden until you choose a language. Databases and Archives description language is now also have identical behavior then other type of content when adding original descriptions.
  • Event now support description submissions in original language.

A more complete list of changes is found bellow and in the full list of changes in the attached changelog.

Short changelog

  • #321 by steinmb - Standardize media/file storage directories - housekeeping
  • #329 by steinmb - Improve Organizations vertical flow - housekeeping
  • #211 by steinmb - Input form and form submit button does not vertical align User interface - UX
  • #325 by steinmb - Remove event default type value and make field required bug
  • #327 by steinmb - Make teaching resource type a required field enhancement
  • #326 by steinmb - Databases and Archives description (Original Language) have no way of defining what language this is new functionalty verified by community
  • #328 by steinmb - Standardise content type widget - Pull down or list selectors enhancement User interface - UX, wontfix
  • #212 by steinmb Improve readability of search facet filters by visually separating filters and result summary/value User interface - UX, verified by community
  • #189 by AlvaroSeica - Creative work page - filters do no align duplicate enhancement User interface - UX
  • #320 by AlvaroSeica - Research Collection - Views,  Bugs, question
  • #307 opened on Apr 9 by hannahackermans - Add “Description (in original language)” in Events needs review - new functionalty
  • #177 opened on Mar 3, 2016 by steinmb - Language setting should enable original description/abstract (in original language) needs review new functionalty User interface - UX
  • #288 opened on Nov 22, 2016 by steinmb - Unify media user interface to improve user experience and provide a better UX and DX enhancement -  housekeeping, needs review
  • #159 opened on Oct 27, 2015 by steinmb @hannahackermans - OAI-PMH - So what about "Other language" taxonomy term?--Implement New Langs - Task
  • #319 opened on May 10 by steinmb - Create submitt buttons, remove http://yuilibrary.com library from theme housekeeping needs review User interface - UX
  • #233 opened on Sep 26, 2016 by steinmb - List taxonomy terms without author except for creative work and critical writing content types enhancement - needs review,  Views
  • #88 opened on Feb 20, 2015 by schreibpilot - Make views titles consistent enhancement - needs review, Views.