ELMCIP v1.21 released

Biggest changes since v1.20

The complete list attached to this article.

The end of migration

The last of the node reference to entity reference have been done. Someone should by me a beer. It took us more then two years to complete them all. It have been difficult, tiresome and boring. Hope we never have to do this again. The main challenge have been changing all the views and verifying that they work, not the fields them self. All we have now is to clean up and remove migration tools and remove node reference from our system and all its data. https://github.com/elmcip/elmcip/issues/5

New search engine

Two years ago we started planning swapping out Drupal core search with something a little more sophisticated. As the data grew so did our need of a more flexible and powerful syste. We have kept pushing this off due to other more pressing issues. We needed to get most of the migration done before we started this other we had to redo a lot of the faceting filters. It is now live and I encourage everyone to test it out . Let us know what works, and what not. We will continue to tune this in further releases.

Autocomplete referencing a person/author

Referencing a person in have had a annoying problem. There where extra white space between first and middle and/or last name. Making the autocomplete unpredictable. This have been fixed and all person records have been updated. Notice, as a side effect have all person records "last updated" –date been updated.

For the full list of issues fixed go to https://github.com/elmcip/elmcip/milestone/5 The project is closed to non members. Contact ELMCIP and you to be added to the project.

Stein Magne Bjørklund aka steinmb every where else.

Detailed short list of changes

757fa91 (HEAD -> master, tag: v1.21, origin/production, origin/master, origin/HEAD, production) Issue 242 Vertical fix for media related elements.
5b83f0e Issue 242 New look of tabs
03ddd22 Issue 242 We have room. No reason to use a 1px smaller font.
6b9e43e Issue 242 Refactoring
8f1e287 Issue 242 Removed broken lookup to external site.
303b2c9 Issue 242 Refactoring typography settings into separate css file.
044127f Issue 242 Reset reset-html
a9dbbdc Issue 229 Better way of scaling videos, aspect ratio and 100% width.
e27e579 Issue 229 Change field_media_asset to render file and view mode to default.
133706a Issue 229 Moved all media -related CSS into its own file.
4ceedf3 Issue 239 Remove year default value from field: field_platform_year
0770dd8 Issue 198 New field to reference platform from teaching and view to go with it.
04d3ce0 Core update Drupal 7.50 -> 7.51
59642ac Issue 129 Update field settins, view mode and add the EVA field to content type.
58d219e Issue 129 New view listing platform ref. by database and archives.
4c556f4 Issue 36 Adds highlighting for search results.
68243ae Issue 36 Track search facet api settings.
c682c81 Issue 36 Track search pages persmissions settings
b4861e0 Issue 36 Define search facets blocks and search block.
0533f22 Issue 36 Disable core search and remove permissions defined.
6733d34 Issue 36 Update search code to match search API forms.
713c975 Issue 36 Search page config
908fc38 Issue 36 Enable search page module
3583cfc Issue 214 Improve code that trim extra spaces from first, middle and last name and update all nodes.
68fef4e Issue 236 Disable local Solr test server. Search API create warnings and errors trying to reach it.
b28e742 Issue 196 Added "s" HTML tag to allowed list of html elements.
ae94c40 Issue 226 Remove deprecated module - Styles and its sub modules.
19d61e2 Issue 223 Add year information to view to list all tags by frequency used all_tags_by_frequency
aa39bb4 Issue 222 Fix error Missing join: taxonomy_term_data.
3de243b Issue 235 Make all_tags pager work again.
19c7a35 Issue 229 Remove unused library ZendGdata from the system
2988497 Issue 226 Remove module no longer in use
f138a54 Module update Eva (eva) 7.x-1.2 -> 7.x-1.3
fc7a7d0 Issue 234 Update views after migration to entity ref.
0f3b035 Issue 234 Update field widget settings and view modes after field migration.
994aeb3 Issue 234 Migrate notebook entry node ref to entity ref.
2bbcae8 Issue 73 Update field widget settings and view modes after field migration.
a315956 Issue 73 Migrate Databases and Archives node ref to entity ref.
bb43df2 Issue 77 Update views after migration to entity ref.
38767e9 Issue 77 Update field widget settings and view modes after field migration.
8897193 Issue 77 Migrate Teaching Resource node entity to entity ref.
f9c6ff6 Make sure we know that siste should be in maint. mode
1efa5e6 Issue 218 Add missing 960 background file
d3d6690 Issue 231 Disable syslog and define syslog id.