Visualization of feminist works

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A collection of different feminist works. Main purpose of this collection is to list as many relevant works as possible, in order to create a visualization of feminism in digital/electronic literature. This is being used in a research paper for DIKULT207 at the University of Bergen.

The research paper focuses on these questions:

  • Is digital/electronic literature giving feminism a new voice?
  • What types of feminist messages are popular in digital/electronic literature?
  • What types of works are popular? (e.g. poetry, flash games, audio/visual works)

Using Gephi, these questions will be answered through visualization showing tags, and connecting the tags (such as "feminism" and "postfeminism") to works, platforms and types of message. The more popular nodes will be bigger, which will hopefully make the visualization intuitive and easy to use.

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Lena Silseth