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We Are Angry is a a 360 degree digital fiction, fusing traditional fictional text storytelling with other media, bolstered by real news content and annotations. The work sets a political tone, discussing women's rights and rape culture.

The artist states: "We are living in mixed media times and yet rarely do we find the media coalescing in a truly integrated and artistic way, a way that could take storytelling - especially issue-based storytelling - to another level, not replacing books or the linear text experience, but offering another construct."

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HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery

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Writing and production credits

Writer: Lyndee Prickitt
Executive producer: Lyndee Prickitt
Producer: Rahul Shivshankar
Assistant producer: Anuja Jaiman, Pankaj Singh Kaintura
Editorial assistant: Anuja Jaiman
Researcher: Lyndee Prickitt
Assistant researcher: Anuja Jaiman
Copy editor: Anuja Jaiman, Mark Stewart
Translator: Anuja Jaiman and Veena Chauhan
Consulting editor: Anuja Jaima, Mark Stewart, Mekhela Deva, Rahul Shivshankar
Videographer and Director: Lyndee Prickitt
Assistant director: Natraj Hasrat
Audio recorder: Lyndee Prickitt, Anuja Jaima
Audio editor: Lyndee Prickitt
Video editor: Lyndee Prickitt, Slugfilms (background video)
Graphic designer: Rajnish Kashyap, Lyndee Prickitt
Web design team: Macavity Digital
Senior web designer: Rajnish Kashyap
Senior programmer: Saransh Dhingra

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Screenshot 1 - We Are Angry
Screenshot 2 - We Are Angry
Screenshot 3 - We Are Angry
Screenshot 4 - We Are Angry

viral video of police - weareangry.net

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