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Album Netherlands 02.02.2022
Digidicht Amsterdam Netherlands 09.11.2011
Querido Amsterdam Netherlands 25.03.2021
De Contrabas Amsterdam Netherlands 09.11.2011
AMC Kunststichting Amsterdam Netherlands 25.03.2021
Samson Alphen aan den Rijn Netherlands 25.03.2021
TYP/Three Publishers Netherlands 28.01.2021
IOS Press Amsterdam Netherlands 14.06.2013
Brill Netherlands 23.09.2021
Amsterdam Monographs in American Studies Amsterdam Netherlands 02.07.2013
Onomatopee Eindhoven Netherlands 18.10.2013
Literatuur Op Het Scherm Netherlands 30.11.2016
Vooys Netherlands 27.06.2017
Virtualis. Revista de cultura digital Mexico 07.12.2018
Praxis México, DF Mexico 10.10.2013
POETICA Tokyo Japan 05.02.2012
Yushodo Press Tokyo Japan 03.02.2012
Square Tokyo Japan 06.11.2019
Testo: Studi di teoria et storia della letteratura e della critica Pisa Italy 29.09.2011
Quintadicopertina Italy 20.03.2013
The Incipit Italy 06.06.2013
Ass. Culturale Il Foglio Piombino Italy 19.04.2015
V. Bompiani e C Milan Italy 19.02.2016
Frigidaire Italy 30.11.2021
Johan & Levi Editore Italy 25.09.2021
Mimesis Italy 11.12.2021
Atelier Multimediale Edizioni Naples Italy 25.05.2012
Riviste Status Quaestionis Rome Italy 26.07.2017
RiLUnE (Revue des Littératures de l’Union Européenne/Review of Literatures of the European Union) Italy 05.05.2015
Language In India: Strength for Today and Bright Hope for Tomorrow India 06.04.2018
dra.ft Jaipur India 26.05.2021
Poetics Today Tel Aviv Israel 01.10.2011
New Binary Press Cork Ireland 17.01.2017
Neohelicon Hungary 10.10.2013
Akadémiai Kiadó Budapest Hungary 10.10.2013
Libri & Liberi Zagreb Croatia 04.01.2017
Intech Rijeka Croatia 24.01.2014
[sic] – a Journal of Literature, Culture and Literary Translation Zadar Croatia 06.04.2018
Synthesis: An Anglophone Journal of Comparative Literary Studies Athens Greece 18.09.2013
Patakis Athens Greece 30.09.2011
Magic Box Athens Greece 30.09.2011
Janus Berlin Guernsey 09.02.2015
frAme: Journal of Culture and Technology Nottingham United Kingdom 24.04.2019
Culture Machine Coventry United Kingdom 03.07.2017
Glasgow School of Art Glasgow United Kingdom 13.12.2012
Exeunt London United Kingdom 11.03.2013
Literary and Linguistic Computing Oxford United Kingdom 10.10.2013
Edward Arnold London United Kingdom 03.10.2021
Cambridge Scholars Publishing Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom 29.09.2011
inkle Cambridge United Kingdom 26.01.2013