Social Semiotics

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Social Semiotics is a peer reviewed journal that publishes high quality papers that deal with the study of communicational resources and practices through words, images, behaviours, settings, sounds, design, etc., and the way these are connected to the organization of societies and everyday lives.
Articles can include linguistic analysis, visual analysis, content analysis, ethnography, interviews, production studies and can be tied into political economic analysis.

Social Semiotics is critical sign study which is aware of the specific and strategic ways in which signs are created, used and received in different domains. It is a form of enquiry applied to specific instances and problems. It asks ‘‘what kinds of semiotic resources are used in specific institutional or social contexts and how do these reflect and conceal specific interests, power relations and communicative strategies?’’. The journal welcomes papers especially that analyse the everyday and the sociopolitical significance of representations.


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Jill Walker Rettberg