EJES: European Journal of English Studies

Routledge/Taylor & Francis London
United Kingdom
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EJES presents work of the highest quality in English literature, linguistics and cultural studies from the multidisciplinary and multicultural perspective that characterises the study of English in Europe. The aim of the journal is to publish substantial scholarly and critical interventions in a fast-developing field and thereby itself to influence the agenda in its disciplines. A research journal, written by and for specialists from all parts of the disciplinary spectrum of English Studies in Europe and beyond, EJES is also addressed to academics interested in the dialogical and plurivocal development of their subject and are interested in innovative work outside their own area of expertise. To this end, it also offers non-specialists examples of recent approaches and new ways of conceiving and engaging the field of English studies. The journal places a high premium on readability, discussion of controversial issues, and the inclusion of a wide range of disciplinary, cultural and theoretical perspectives.

(Source: EJES's Aims & Scope)

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