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MIDIPoet is a software tool that allows the manipulation of text and image on a computer in real-time. It has two parts: composer and player, with which you can, respectively, compose and play pieces of interactive text and image on the computer. These pieces may or may not respond to external impulses, such as MIDI messages or the computer keyboard, and generate visual manifestationes that involve the manipulation of the different attributes of text (content, font, position, size, etc), image (content, position, etc) and other elements and visual effects. Conceptually, MIDIPoet is based on the notion of fields of events: a set of potential behaviors of visual elements on the computer screen that happen or not depending on internal conditions or external manipulations.

Composition. This is the first step for the creation of a MIDIPoet piece. Fields of events are created by composing; they will be performed later to produce a visual piece. MIDIPoet composer lets you generate these fields of events by the use of diagrams that are drawn directly on screen.

Performance. The visual result of a MIDIPoet composition is achieved through its performance. The MIDIPoet player reads the fields of events of a composition and generates the visual elements (text and/or image) involved in these fields.

Manipulation. The concept of manipulation in MIDIPoet implies the generation of an impulse that activates a field of events. It's the process through which MIDIPoet pieces can acquire a multi-linear development through time. MIDIPoet allows you to map different MIDI (or computer keyboard) messages to specific modifications of text and/or image.

Source: http://www.motorhueso.net/midipeng/

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