Mark Z. Danielewski

Los Angeles
United States
United States
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Mark Danielewski was born in NYC and graduated from Yale University in 1988 with a degree in English Literature.

He's best known for his best-selling debut novel 'House of Leaves' (published by Pantheon books in 2000) which took him ten years of work (1990-2000). This proto-hypertextual work was followed by 'The Whalestoe Letters' (2000), a fictional compilation of letters between two of the protagonists in 'House of Leaves'.

Noticable are not only his works in literature, but also his cooperation in films such as Derrida (2002) or his performances combining his books and music as well as theatrical performances.

In 2010 he founded the Atelier Z, a creative 'studio' with professors, students, designers, and lots of other creative members who he works with since. The current project is a planned 27-volume story called 'The Familiar' - since 2015 until now five volumes were published.

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Mark Z. Danielewski
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