Jeremy Ruston

United Kingdom
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I've spent my life working on software products with great user experiences, and building the teams behind them. I've held senior positions in enterprise IT departments in banking and telecommunications, and as the CTO of several venture capital backed startups.

I'm endlessly fascinated by software and the continuing struggle of society to master its potential. I write code almost every day - see my GitHub profile for the public stuff:

I'm the inventor of TiddlyWiki, a popular open source personal organiser that's grown to be the platform for a whole new class of web applications. I lead the community around TiddlyWiki, and am dedicated to building a great product for users all over the world.

I work as a consultant, and am available for interesting and challenging engagements that pivot around my interests in collaboration, software and the web.


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Tiddlywiki Jeremy Ruston 2004
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Jeremy Ruston
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Hannah Ackermans