James Proctor

New York
United States
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James Proctor is a software artist and data visualization designer. In his art practice, he writes and iterates on rules in code that guide the growth of each piece. The resulting images reflect the visual legacy of their predecessors, as well as the ordered patterns of the process that creates them.While working as a lab assistant at the University of Delaware, where he earned his B.A. in Fine Art and Psychology, he realized that the data collection and processing methods he learned could be applied to art. With a research grant awarded to him in the summer of 2009, he created an interactive installation utilizing Max/MSP software. Programming has since become an integral of his life and art. Professionally, James works as a data visualization designer creating pieces that help others interact with and interpret information. His work has been featured in Vice’s The Creators Project, Currents New Media Festival, Human NYC, the NYC Electroacoustic Music Festival and the New Wilmington Art Association. He has collaborated on pieces that were displayed at Eyebeam and The Standard High Line. Select digital editions of his artwork are available through the online gallery The File Arts.
(Source: http://elo2016.com/andrew-demirjian-james-proctor/)

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James Proctor
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