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Andrew: My artwork explores the interplay between psychological, virtual and physical spaces in contemporary culture. The pieces take the form of single channel videos, interactive installations, generative poems and audiovisual performance. My work challenges the occularcentric focus of our culture and media conventions and seeks to raise the perceptual role of sound in media. I am interested in using technology to expand our perceptual experience of the everyday through classification systems, computational processing and distributed networks.

James: Generative art is a reflection of the rules that create it. In my practice I continuously develop a process of writing those rules in code. The central contradiction that fascinates me is that each piece can be described simply by it’s instructions, but the resulting images are unpredictable. The potential to surprise is a consequence of how the systems I’ve put in place interact with one another. Observing the outcomes of a system, altering it’s rules, and then observing what has changed forms an endless loop. I add and alter instructions to balance consonance and dissonance. No piece should resolve to a single image. Instead they should continue to change in a fluid and natural progression. I create a successful system when no image is the same as the one that came before it, but all are part of the same piece and described in the same terms.

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